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Pediatric/Adolescent Autism

 The Anchor Study: 

The Anchor Study is looking at a new medication for children and adolescents with irritability associated with autism spectrum disorder. 

About Irritability Associated with ASD

Feeling irritable can include becoming upset, angry, unhappy, or frustrated. In some people with ASD it can also cause sudden verbal and physical outbursts. These include tantrum behavior, meltdowns, or wanting to hurt themselves or others. A meltdown is a loss of behavioral control that can be expressed verbally through shouting, screaming, or crying, and/or physically through kicking, lashing out , or biting.



  • 5-17 years of age

  • Have ASD

  • Show signs of irritability involving verbal or physical outbursts of anger, frustration, or distress( including tantrum behaviors and meltdowns)

  • Study related care from a local pediatric neurologist at no cost to you.

  • Study medication at no cost to you

  • Volunteers who take part in the study may be compensated for their travel costs and their time in the study.



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