Pediatric/Adolescent Migraine

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Access Clinical Trials is conducting a Pediatric/Adolescent Migraine study for ages 6 - 17. 

Currently, more than half of pediatric/adolescent patients with migraines have 1 to 4 attacks per month, causing interference with their daily activities of life. Although many studies have been done in adults with migraine, doctors continue to research treatment options for migraine in children and teens through clinical studies.

In this study, doctors want to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a dissolving tablet called rimegepant in children and teens 6 to 17 years old. Rimegepant is already approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the acute treatment of migraine in adults.

You and the participant will be asked to attend up to 4 study visits over a period of 19 weeks, inlcuding a 4-week screening period, a 15-week treatment period, and a follow-up visit approximately 7 days after each dose of the study drug. Each study visit will last about 1 - 2 hours.

There is no cost to participate in this study, and no insurance is needed. Study participants will be compensated for enrollment in this study.

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Jaclyn Brooks
Dr. Fry

Jaclyn Brooks is the  Sub-Investigator on the Pediatric/Adolescent Migraine Study at Access Clinical Trials, Inc. In addition to being CEO of the company, Jaclyn is a registered nurse with many years of pediatric clinical experience. Since founding Access Clinical Trials in 1999, she has earned extensive training and certifications in the area of Pediatric Neurology. Jaclyn has conducted numerous Pediatric Neurology Trials since 2007.

Dr. James Fry is the Principal Investigator on the Pediatric/Adolescent Migraine Study at Access Clinical Trials, Inc.. Dr. Fry earned his Doctor of Medicine Degree from Texas Tech Health Science Center in 1985. Since joining Access in 2006 he has obtained extensive training and certifications in various areas of Pediatric Neurology Dr. Fry is a current member of the Child Neurology Society, American Academy of Neurology, Southern Medical association, and the American Headache Society.  Contact: Midtown Pediatric Neurology

Carol Arvin

Carol Arvin, RNC NP is a Sub-Investigator for the Pediatric/Adolescent Migraine Study. Carol has done extensive work with evaluation and treatment protocols of headache management with several neurologists in the Nashville medical community.

Taneka Sullins

Taneka Sullins is the Primary Study Coordinator of the Pediatric/Adolescent Migraine Study at Access Clinical Trials Inc. Taneka is a certified Clinical Medical Assistant, having earned her Associate Degree of Science from Miller Motte Technical College in 2015. She has extensive training in Pediatric Neurology Trials, and works closely with Dr. Fry.